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About Wild & Free

Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release gives a voice for wild animals across the world in desperate need of help.

It is a small UK-based charity, intent on saving species which are endangered, orphaned, injured or abused, by supporting centres who return them to where they belong.

In 2014, Geraldine Morelli founded Wild & Free, born from her immense passion for wild animals following years spent volunteering in South Africa.

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Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release are Registered in England and Wales (Charity No. 1158750.)

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At Wild & Free, we're a small organisation with a big ambition…

We want to help save as many wild animals as we can by supporting the centres who safely return them to where they belong: the wild.

So many species across the world are in desperate need of our help.

These centres rescue and successfully rehabilitate hundreds of orphaned, injured and abused animals, by caring for them and preparing them for life in the wild.

Without this preparation, many animals wouldn't survive in the wild.

But since 2014, we've helped 6 wildlife centres across 4 continents to rehabilitate and release 7 different species of threatened or endangered animals.

Please help us support wild animals in need of our love and protection.

Becoming a regular giver to Wild & Free will allow us to expand our reach and support more of these beautiful wild animals than ever before.