Pioneering Technology

We know that tech talk isn't always the most exciting topic of conversation. So, we've narrowed it down to the 8 ways our technology will help to boost your fundraising efforts in the digital age – all of which are included in our 5% fee.

We offer every digital donor their preferred way to give

From card, to mobile, to text; we each have our preferred payment method. At donr, we offer all of these in one place. Our logic?
Catering for everyone lets more people give in a way that suits them.

Our mobile payment tech makes giving easier than ever

Our online text donation technology offers a seamless user experience which includes fewer steps – resulting in lower drop-off rates. We're also the first platform to offer recurring text giving at £20.

We've optimised the act of donating via card too

We've eliminated unnecessary steps to speed up giving. Supporters can now give via card quickly and efficiently – only needing to enter their email address and card number (incl. sort code & CVC).

Apple Pay and Google Pay offer an even faster way to give

Donors can use their preferred digital wallet account to donate even faster than using their card, by using their login credentials (such as a passcode or facial recognition) to complete the donation.

You have access to your donor's marketing opt-in data

Your donors are your donors – not ours. When donors make the decision to opt-in to marketing communications, we'll pass along this information to you, so you can take them on your donor journey.

Our pages are built with safety and security at the forefront

Our data is hosted securely using advanced 128-bit encryption, which means you don’t ever have to worry. We also authorise card transactions via Stripe, meaning all cardholder data is safe and secure.

Pages built by us respond to different screen sizes

Today, we view webpages on a range of smartphones, tablets & desktops. Our webpages are ‘responsive’ – meaning they react to being viewed on different sized screens – to decrease drop-off rates.

Your branding is always front and centre on your page

We want our tech to champion your charity, so our design team will incorporate your trusted brand identity into your donr page. Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about you, your supporters and your work!