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About the Scottish Fisheries Museum

In a spectacular location opposite the harbour in the fishing village of Anstruther, in the East Neuk of Fife, lies the Scottish Fisheries Museum.

The museum – which formally opened in 1969 – aims to tell the story of the Scottish fishing industry and its boats, harbours and communities, through collections recognised as being of national significance.

Through interactive displays and a vast programme of workshops and activities, the museum aims to tell the story of how the Scottish fisheries became such an important part of the lives of so many Scots.

Three of the museum’s boats – the Reaper, the Research and the Lively Hope – are recognised as being of national significance by the National Register of Historic Vessels.

Reaper is a 70-foot, 116-year-old herring drifter. Her long-planned major refit will ensure that she can continue her vital outreach role to educate and entertain Scotland’s fishing communities and beyond.

The Scottish Fisheries Museum Trust is Registered in Scotland (Charity No. SC 006185.)

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About us

Keep our historic Reaper out at sea!

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Our historic flagship fishing boat Reaper
is the sole survivor of her kind.
Now, we need your help.

Built in 1902, the classic Fifie Sailing Herring Drifter proudly embodies the cultural significance of the herring fishing industry as a way of life on the east coast of Scotland.

With a fascinating history, the Reaper now spends her
days as our 'floating museum', educating local kids here
in Anstruther and across the UK. That’s when she’s not shooting for TV shows, such as Outlander.

But, in recent years, Reaper has aged significantly and
has suffered structural damage. We now need your help
to raise funds for Mission ‘Reaper Major Refit’ – to ensure that this historic vessel continues to remain on our seas
for the next 25 years.

Let's keep Scottish fishing heritage alive!

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