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About The OLLIE Foundation

In 2016, three parents who had each lost their teenage sons to suicide vowed to do all they could to prevent other families suffering similar tragedies. As a result, OLLIE was born.

Spreading the message that 'One Life Lost is Enough' (OLLIE), our charity funds the training of life-saving suicide prevention skills for parents, students, school staff, community group leaders and many more.

The aim? To raise awareness of suicide as an issue that can affect anyone at any time, and to create ‘suicide safe’ communities in which we can all discuss suicide and our mental health openly.

Today, suicide is the leading cause of death among young people aged 20-34 years in the UK.

But here at OLLIE, we are devoted to reaching more young people than ever before to ensure that no young person suffers in silence again.

We strongly believe that by adding to our collection of training and continuing to focus on fundraising will support the growth of our team and the impact we make to work towards this goal.

The OLLIE Foundation is Registered in England & Wales (Charity No. 1167116). Close

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We need to change the facts.

More than 200 school-children are lost to suicide every year. Teenage suicides in England and Wales have also risen a massive 67% since 2010.

One Life Lost is Enough.

Here at OLLIE, we're devoted to reaching as many people as possible to ensure that no young person suffers in silence again. We run training sessions to try and prevent suicides among our youth.

It's not only about mental health.

A perceived lack of control and inability to succeed can lead to suicidal thoughts. We're now offering training to help people identify and overcome obstacles to things they want to achieve.

We need your help.

The harsh reality is that suicide is now the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. We believe our training can help prevent more young men and women choosing to take their own lives.