Written by Editorial Team, DonateToday
Published: Friday, 6th April 2018

Meet Bear - a two-year-old German Shepherd who came into Oak Tree Animals' Charity with a 'unique aroma' and is now ready for adoption

Bear arrived into the care of the Oak Tree Animals’ Charity as a neglected dog of two – a few months later, he’s a whole new canine.

Poor Condition

Towards the end of last year, in mid-December, a weak, neglected dog was brought to the attention of Carlisle’s Oak Tree Animals’ Charity. Bear’s owner was no longer able to look after him or the three other canines also in their care and so turned to the charity for help. 

Bear is a German Shepherd and has a long coat of fur, typical of his breed. Unfortunately, this had become matted with dirt and grease, giving the poor dog what the charity describes as: ‘a unique aroma.’

The young canine had been kept in very confined conditions. This, coupled with the fact that his owner had been unable to give an adequate amount of exercise, meant that Bear had poor musculature, a low tolerance for physical exertion for a dog his age, and a generally poor condition overall.

Despite all of this, staff from the charity report that he was still: ‘A very playful and friendly young dog.’

Run and Play

After arriving at the charity’s kennels, Bear was checked over by a vet and started on a course of vaccinations and preventative health care. It was then decided that a professional groom would be needed to sort out his tangled coat.

It took half a day of brushing, washing and teasing the matts out of his fur, but eventually the young dog was left with a soft, fragrant coat to be proud of. And he certainly looks it!

Suitably cleaned up, it was time to start improving Bear’s physical condition. It was decided that a steady build-up of exercise would be best for him, despite his boisterous nature meaning all he really wanted to do was run and play.

As his physical condition improved, Bear was able to spend time off-lead and engage in games to exercise his muscles, his sense of fun and his curious nature.

Bear certainly looks proud of his luxuriously groomed coat

Sit, Lie and Paw

The young dog proved to be a quick learner; adapting to walk on a lead without zig-zagging or stopping and starting; and finding a great love of games and toys.

Bear’s training progressed positively – with treats or toys proving a tempting reward for good behaviour, and he was soon able to master basic cues: sit, lie and paw.

He progressed so well that his Caseworker was even able to add some tricks such as rolling over and walking between a handler’s legs in a figure of eight into Bear’s training, seeing the dog’s confidence and problem-solving skills improve significantly.

Bear is now ready for adoption into a loving home. However, even after this happens, the charity will continue to support him – offering advice and guidance to his new owners to ensure he settles in his new home and that his training continues.

About this charity

Oak Tree Animals' Charity

Founded over 100 years ago in 1909 by Francis Cox, a campaigner for better working conditions for pit ponies and other working horses, the charity has grown from its roots to provide a safe home for farm animals such as goats, sheep and cattle and for domestic cats and dogs.

Oak Tree Animals’ Charity helps hundreds of animals each year who have been lost or are no longer wanted by their owners and gives them a second chance of a loving home. As well as working with the animals, the charity also provides support for new owners to ensure that the animal settles quickly into their new home.

The charity, based in Carlisle in the north-west of England, works with schools, community groups and colleges to educate its wider community about animal welfare and encourages its supporters to get involved with its work in a number of ways.

Those wishing to support Oak Tree Animals’ Charity can do so by adopting an animal, volunteering to work with the charity; fundraising for the organisation; donating directly to it; visiting its tearooms; or making a purchase for it from its Amazon Wishlist.