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Living with Wildlife

The Living with Wildlife Appeal is a partnership between Send a Cow and Tusk.

With your support, we can help over 7,000 families to overcome poverty while also protecting endangered animals such as the Rothschild's Giraffe.

Families will be given the training and skills to grow their own food and develop sustainable ways of making a living. This will enable families to invest in their homes, healthcare and send their children to school, while also easing pressure to hunt within the nearby National Park.

The Living with Wildlife Appeal will also fund vital conservation work so that local communities appreciate the wildlife and become guardians of Murchsion Falls National Park.

With your help, we can create a place where people and wildlife can thrive side by side.

Send a Cow are Registered in England and Wales (Charity No. 299717). Tusk are also Registered in England and Wales (Charity No. 803118).

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Donate to the Living with Wildlife Appeal to support vulnerable people and wildlife in Uganda.

Give before 14th April and the UK government will match all public donations to the Living with Wildlife Appeal. Thank you.

© Living with Wildlife

In Uganda, poverty threatens the country's oldest and largest National Park; Murchison Falls.

Families around the park are struggling to live – food is scarce and income opportunities are rare.

© Living with Wildlife

Some people lay traps to catch bushmeat to feed their families or sell at the market.

But instead, wildlife like the endangered Rothschild’s Giraffe are becoming maimed or even being killed.

© Living with Wildlife

The Living with Wildlife Appeal is raising funds to upskill local communities.

This helps to create new opportunities which can lift people out of poverty, and protect wildlife.