Written by Samantha Lade, DonateToday
Published: Monday, 16th April 2018

Hundred feet tall Poseidon visits Saunton Sands beach in Devon in effort to help the UK #BreakFreeFromPlastic

Hundred feet tall Poseidon visits Saunton Sands beach in Devon in effort to help the UK #BreakFreeFromPlastic

A Devon beach welcomed a sand etching in the form of a hundred feet tall Poseidon last Friday, in an effort to highlight marine plastic pollution ahead of World Earth Day.

Created by Wales-based artist Marc Treanor, the etching was commissioned by the European Environmental Bureau and backed by Friends of the Earth.

The art comes as new data commissioned by Friends of the Earth discovered that 81% of people have done something to reduce or cut out their use of plastic.

This could be in the form of buying a reusable shopping bag, or avoiding using plastic straws.

The giant Poseidon was visible for several hours, before the tide came in and carried him back to the ocean.

Julian Kirby, plastic-free campaigner for Friends of the Earth, said: 'Poseidon has been defending oceans for millennia, but the current plastic pollution crisis is more terrifying than any sea monster.

'Tougher measures are urgently needed to protect our oceans, beaches and wildlife. The government must listen to the huge public concern over this issue.'

Marc Treanor, the sand artist behind the work, said: 'I was happy to be asked to be a part of this project, as the subject of plastic pollution awareness seems now to have reached a critical point.

'I wanted to somehow express an anger with what plastic pollution has done to the oceans, so the image of a raging Neptune hurling a plastic bottle back at us seemed apt.'

"By 2025, the ratio of plastic to fish in the ocean will be 1 to 3, as plastic stocks in the ocean are forecast to grow to 250 million tonnes."

- Friends of the Earth

The Saunton Sands Poseidon is one of six works appearing on beaches across Europe in the run up to World Earth Day, which occurs this Sunday 22nd April.

The theme of Earth Day this year is 'End Plastic Pollution', with all the works carrying the hashtag #BreakFreeFromPlastic across social media channels, to represent a global movement which envisions a future free from plastic pollution.

Saunton Sands beach, North Devon

To act against plastic pollution, you can join the 60,000 people who have signed Friends of the Earth's petition calling for the government to dramatically reduce wastage by clicking here.