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What do we do?

Through theatre and art, Good Chance creates new kinds of communities, empowering artists from across the world and connecting people, stories and cultures.

Good Chance opened its first Theatre of Hope in the heart of the refugee and migrant camp in Calais in 2015. Since then, we’ve been bringing art to places where expression is under threat. We do this through 3 strands of work: Good Chance Theatres, Good Chance Productions & the Good Chance Ensemble.

Our domes are spaces of equality in which people can come together, rub shoulders and grapple with new ways of understanding each other: safe spaces where dangerous conversations can happen.

It’s time for theatre to rediscover its ancient power: to connect, unite and reclaim our individual and collective narratives.

Good Chance Theatre are Registered in England and Wales (Charity No: 1166833).

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About us

Help us to create new communities through theatre in the heart of Paris!

Good Chance is returning to Paris to work with refugees, migrants and local Parisians at the Museum of Immigration’s season of Welcome. Please support us to continue our work here.

What are we doing?

We’ll be working with friends from refugee and migrant centres across the city, as well as people we meet along the way, to host an artistic programme in our theatre domes.

Through theatre, music, art, dance, puppetry and more, we’ll build new kinds of communities which celebrate diversity and difference, togetherness and solidarity.

How can you support us?

With your support, our troupe of performers from around the world will build, programme and perform within our ‘Theatre of Hope’, offering handshakes and a warm reception to all members of the Parisian public who enter.

Once there, we will unite refugees, migrant artists, and local and international visitors in an equal space to spark challenging conversations about the nature of migration and what it means to Welcome.

Using the power of art, we will #WelcomeAll.

Find out more about our work in the theatre domes, with The Jungle in the West End and through the Good Chance Ensemble, a collective of talented artists from across the world:

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