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About Futureversity

Futureversity’s mission is to open doors to young people through unconventional learning and innovative partnerships.

This is achieved by working all year round to offer an exciting and diverse range of free short courses to young people all across the UK. We also help young people make informed, positive decisions that enhance their lives and the lives of those around them.

Since our inception in 1995, we have worked with over 160,000 young people all across London.

We also deliver volunteer schemes for young people, encouraging them to take responsibility, use their initiative and gain team leadership experience.

Futureversity (Tower Hamlets Summer Education Ltd) are Registered in England & Wales (Charity No. 1048822).

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All young people have the potential to be extraordinary.

So, here at Futureversity we provide a diverse range of free courses, activities and programmes to help 11-25 year olds get ahead in life.

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From screenwriting, to investment banking, to public speaking skills...

All of our courses help to provide young people with the skills – as well as the self-belief – that they need to really make the most of their lives.

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80% of our course attendees feel more positive about their future.

As well as raising young aspirations, our courses help reduce youth crime, break down racial tensions, and get unemployed young people into work.

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Can you become a regular giver to support our work at Futureversity?

Your support will help connect more young people to life-changing opportunities, now and in the future.