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Published: Friday, 29th December 2017

From eight painkillers a day to zero: How a Sunderland short breaks facility, Grace House, helped turn mother-of-four’s life around

From eight painkillers a day to zero: Sunderland short breaks facility helps mother-of-four with intense back pain and depression

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Before accessing treatment at Grace House, Joanne suffered from intense back pain. Stock image of model

Mother was taking multiple tablets a day for numerous health issues. Her wellbeing has dramatically improved thanks to a short breaks facility in Sunderland.

Intense Pain

Joanne from Southwick, Sunderland has four children, two of whom are disabled, and a husband.

She used to suffer from intense back pain and struggled with her mental health, taking eight painkillers a day to relieve her physical pain, as well as anti-depressants and sleeping tablets. 

Mother-of-four, Joanne admits that she and her husband never made time to spend together. All of this changed after she began accessing treatments including therapy and massage sessions at Grace House.


As the pain in her back has eased, Joanne has picked up new hobbies including going to the gym with her husband and swimming, and has been able to stop taking pain relief tablets completely. 

This new exercise regime, coupled with taking up healthy eating, had seen Joanne lose 45 pounds and her husband lose two stone, at the time of interview. 

"I was a one, but now I'm a 10!"


On a Scale of One to 10

Thanks to having such a positive experience at Grace House, Joanne has gone as far as recommending the facility to a friend who also has two disabled children.

‘I don’t think people realise just how much it has changed me,’ she says. ‘I’m amazed at how my life has turned around: My husband and I spend time together now, the girls are more stable, and me feeling better has helped me be able to cope better. 

‘I would never have been able to join the gym because of the pain in my back, and only because of the therapies, I have been able to do so.’

Joanne was asked to rate how she felt on a scale of one to 10 (one being poor, 10 being excellent) before her treatments, and how she felt at the time she spoke to the website. ‘When I started, I was a one,’ she admits. ‘I was in a really bad place but I am now a 10!’