Written by Samantha Lade, DonateToday
Published: Monday, 5th March 2018

After losing his rear leg to injury just months ago, handsome ‘Tripaw’ Toby the lurcher has now found his forever home, thanks to charity

After losing his rear leg to injury just months ago, handsome ‘Tripaw’ Toby the lurcher has now found his forever home, thanks to charity

When Toby arrived into the care of the Forever Hounds Trust, it was clear an injury to his hind leg had left him with a ‘painful and useless’ limb. After a successful amputation, Toby then began his search for a forever home – a place he’s now found, thanks to his loving new owner.

The Only Course of Action

Watching Toby bound around the garden today, it’s hard to believe that the lurcher lost a leg just a few months ago.

But it was this amputation of his rear left leg that led to his nickname, ‘Tripaw’ Toby. 

When greyhound and lurcher rescue charity Forever Hounds Trust first came across the 7(ish) year old canine, he arrived in clear discomfort.

Unable to run around, it was clear that a previous injury had left Toby with a painful and useless limb. Staff at the charity decided the only course of action for Toby to live a full and pain-free life was to remove the leg.

Love and Dedication

After enjoying plenty of rest, and with lots of love and dedication from the team of volunteers at Forever Hounds Trust, Toby made an incredible and speedy recovery from his surgery.

He then entered a wonderful foster home where he began building his strength, living happily beside the home’s resident Labrador. 

'Toby is a really lovely lurcher,' says Emily Burns-Sweeney, Director of Homing, Kennelling and Welfare at Forever Hounds.

Toby recovered with plenty of rest and relaxation after the amputation to his rear leg

‘To our knowledge, his leg had been useless and painful for some time, so he was already used to using just his three good legs to get around anyway.

'Adapting to life after his operation has been very smooth for him. The loss of his leg hasn’t affected his ability to have lots of fun!'

"Over the last twenty years, we have found loving forever homes for over 9,000 dogs across the country."

- Forever Hounds Trust

A Family Home Forever

Just a few weeks later, life on three paws began to look even more positive when a new family made the wonderful decision to take Toby home forever.

He is now happy and care-free in his new home, and staff and volunteers at Forever Hounds Trust are delighted to see him settled and living a normal life as a much-loved pet. 

Some of his favourite things to do include playing tug and chase, hopping along happily on short walks, and even lying in strange postures on his bed.

‘Dogs like Toby are the reason Forever Hounds Trust exists,’ finishes Emily Burns-Sweeney. ‘Toby is no longer in pain and it’s a joy to see him happily running about. 

‘We are here to help those greyhounds and lurchers that deserve a new life.’

Toby’s vet bills cost upwards of £2000 – a small cost to provide Toby with a second chance at a happy life. The charity continues to fundraise to meet the cost of such medical bills, as well as to rehome their many greyhounds and lurchers into forever homes – just like Toby’s.

If you can offer a Forever Hounds Trust dog a home, please click here for more information.

Toby has now found his forever home with a loving new owner (pictured above)